'Twas The Night


Ken was working at the bar when his co-worker Jill walked towards him with a sense of urgency. He knew that when she came to the bar on her day off, it was either about switching days, or to borrow money until the next payday. He was preparing for the bullshit that was sure to come.

As she approached the bar, Ken said, “Hey, what’s up?”  Jill replied in kind, “What’s Upper Dude?

Nothing too much. Gerry is in the back if you want to speak to him.”

“I don’t want to speak to that dick, I’m here to ask you for a favor. I need a date for this Christmas Party that I’ve been invited to. Would you go with me?

Ken was taken aback because it was not the usual line of question that he was expecting. Besides, he didn’t think that Jill thought of him in that way. Jill was an attractive girl that had no problem in the dating department. Ken was flattered at the forward approach that she took in asking to go on a date with him. It showed confidence, and Ken valued that among the most alluring quality of a woman.

Not to seem too eager to jump at the chance for a date, Ken replied, “When is this party?”

“It’s on Saturday” she said immediately.

“I have to work the afternoon shift.”

“That’s cool. The party doesn’t start until 8 pm and I got the weekend off. So, can you come with me?”

Ken casually answered, “Cool, I’ll go.”

Jill jumped in the air and gave Ken a great big hug and said, “Great! I’ll pick you up at your place about 8:30, Okay.

After the burst of excitement, Jill ran out the door like a flash. Ken was taken aback again, wondering if she had wanted a date for a while. This gesture made his day and he couldn’t wait for Saturday night to arrive.

Saturday night arrived and Ken performed the appropriate manscaping that was required because he anticipated a lovely evening with Jill after the party. Ken always kept his personal life and work separate but if he was going to mess around with someone that he worked with, Jill fit the bill quite nicely.

Ken received a text from Jill announcing her arrival at his apartment, so he got himself together and went downstairs.

What’s Up?”

What’s Upper my friend? So, are we ready for this party?”

I’m ready if you are.

Then let’s go do some merry making and shit.”

When she pulled away from his apartment, Ken was struck by her greeting. She said, “What’s Upper my friend?” Ken has always analyzed what people said and he deduced the phase ‘my friend’ was used by Jill because that’s the way she saw him or was it just a way to ease the nervousness of a first date. In any case, he thought it was odd.

10 minutes later, they arrived at the party. They rang the doorbell and were greeted by a squared jaw fellow who gave Jill a great big bear hug and kiss on the lips. Then he turned to Ken and shook his hand saying,

Ken, I heard so much about you. My name is Allen. Make yourself at home, I’m just going to steal Jill away from you for a minute. Is that alright with you?

Before Ken could utter a word, Jill said, “He’ll be alright.” and left him alone in a room full of strangers.

Immediately, Ken was warmly greeted by other guests at the party. They were courteous and attending to his every need- food, drink and small talk. After not seeing Jill for quite a while, Ken suspected that something wasn’t quite right but needed a quiet moment to process his surroundings.

To get his bearings, he got away from the group conversation with the excuse of using the restroom.  What he saw next puzzled him even further when he noticed people pairing off with each other who hadn’t arrived together. He decided to follow one of these couples to a room that everyone seemed to be going to.

When he walked in the room, he saw a cascade of flesh entwined in mass. “Sweet Christmas!! She invited me to an orgy?” Ken screamed to himself. And just then, in the far corner of the room, there was 'Jill the user' with the squared face fellow- Allen- getting it on, oblivious to the world around them. Ken, shocked and embarrased quickly turned around and left the party with the little dignity he had left.

After that fateful night Ken never looked at Jill the same way again and avoided any interactions with her. He felt used, not in the usual trivial way that he had gotten accustomed to but this was a cruel and humiliating way that he could neither forgive nor forget.


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