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Stage Technology
With technology at the helm of stage productions, there are even newer techniques and boundaries being pushed
Sade Concert, Oakland CA 2011
Stretch Now? Ok or Cancel
Sharp pain mercilessly reminds me that I have been neglecting it the kind of self-care that only I can deliver
Technology For All
The importance of Net Neutrality and its long reaching benefits.
Codebreaking During Prohibition
Without prior work on bootleggers’ code-breaking, progress in WWII cryptanalysis would have been far less successful
You Code Girl!
Women may respond to a personal mentor or teacher who can sustain their interest in STEM
Technology Has Roots in Fashion
The man who revolutionized the fashion industry and the woman who pioneered computer programming
My Fair Digital Economy?
Can this romantic notion of training and learning a new skill be rewarded in our current competitive digital economy?
Green Tech Within Reach
Every individual and business doing their part towards energy consumption can contribute positively towards a future outcome
Wind and Solar power installations
Cutting the Cord
Navigating through the options of going cable free requires some effort but its worth it.