Still Grinding

February, 2017

In the last few years, New Orleans has become known as “Hollywood South” because so many film and television productions wanted to take advantage of Louisiana’s film tax credits. This created opportunities for talented artisans who ordinarily would have to leave the state of Louisiana to pursue their craft.  Louisiana native Seaun Carlo Boseda was one of people who stayed and honed his craft. Today, Seaun is a writer/director/producer/actor and owner of his own indie production company Black Sheep Cinema. This filmmaker has a passion about his work and relentless determination about controlling his own material and destiny.


Seaun was always fascinated by films. He recalled that at the age of 12, he was drawn towards the genre of Horror, so-called ‘Blaxploitation” and ‘Grindhouse’ films. To Seaun, the 70’s and 80’s was the ‘Golden Age’ of films. The main reason why he created his film production company because he wanted to make the films that he’d enjoyed. These movies poke fun at society's ills and champions the cause of the underdog. Seaun said that he wants his films to be ‘impactful’ and that stirring the pot about the norms of the day can help start a constructive and healthy dialogue.


Like all filmmakers, Seaun has people he admires and whose influence can be seen in his work. Directors and filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Roger Corman, Melvin Van Peebles, Gordon Parks and Fred ’The Hammer’ Williamson. Seaun has a particular fondness for Mr. Williamson’s work and career because he hopes to emulate his path. To Seaun, Mr. Williamson’s films speak to him on a deeper level because he never compromised his art and the way he wanted to tell his stories.

The Mission

Black Sheep Cinema is an indie film company that makes niche’ films for people who enjoy ‘Grindhouse’’ and the Horror genre. As their motto states - “Making kickass, grindhouse movies”.  The concept for the films comes from Seaun and then he begins to write the script; casting actors; finding locations and then single handedly takes care of the pre and post production responsibilities. For Seaun, this is a labor of love and he doesn’t mind this difficult process because he has a passion for every aspect of filmmaking.

The Challenge

Besides the pre and post production responsibilities, funding for making these niche’ films can be difficult at times. Crowdfunding (i.e. Kickstarter) is a main source for funding Seaun’s passion projects. He’s always on the lookout for financiers or people wanting to donate to his upcoming projects.

Upcoming Project

Pre-production is underway for two short films that are due to come out in spring 2018 - “Black History Month” and “Patriot Day”. These films will come out as a double feature that is reminiscent of the Tarantino and Rodriguez collaboration in 2007 movie Grindhouse.

This Louisiana native said it best when he states on his website, “Remember, your only concern in life is yourself. Don’t worry about another person’s success or business. Focus on your goals. You’re different. Find a way to make it happen. It can be accomplished...!”  With all of the trials and tribulation that comes with filmmaking, he has a belief that his voice matters and with the encouragement of fellow artisans, nothing can deter his vision.

Seaun also said that when faced with challenges in filmmaking or any endeavor that you have to “take advantage of what you have.” In a sense, he is taking advantage of what he has, which is passion, drive and tenacity.


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