Sport or Activity?

August, 2016

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines the word Sport(s) as an individual exhibiting a sudden deviation from type beyond the normal limits of individual variation.  Sport(s) is to test oneself to the limits of human physical endurance, raise the cardio rate, and break a sweat. Today, many things that are called sport are simply not.  We will examine these sports and call it what they truly are –activities.

Golf- This particular activity is called the Gentlemen’s Game.  This game has a history of bigotry and racism that dates back hundreds of years. No physical endurance is required other than hitting a little white ball and walking. If you can play a sport when you’re old, fat and drunk-then this is an activity.

Chess- this brilliant game is about strategy and cunning. Other than thinking- no physical endurance is required.  This is an activity as well.

Poker- Need I say more!!

Competitive Eating Contest - Great spectacle but definitely not a sport.

Race Car Driving- This activity makes individual go around a race course for a certain number of times at high speeds without stopping until indicated by a checker board flag. If everyone has the ability to operate a car then why would I waste my time looking at someone driving at high speeds with an adult diaper on?  This is an activity.

Bull Fighting- When one opponent always has the advantage no matter what - then this is an activity.   

Gun Shooting/Archery – The men and women who compete in these competitions have great skills, however, it is still an activity.

Bowling- similar to Golf but without the bigotry and racism.

X-treme Sports- These men and women display great courage and strength but at the end of the day it looks like an exhibition sports for people who want to be stunt men or women.  This is an activity.

The whole purpose of sports is to bring communities together to celebrate physical human achievement.  The World Cup, The Super Bowl, The NBA Finals and the Olympics-are examples of sports at it’s best which inspire and engage us in the rapture of the event.  Sports at its best are a generational bridge to the past and bring people of every hue closer together- if only for a little while.

The activities listed above are boutique at best. The public at large do not have access or the means to participate in these activities (except Poker, Bowling and Chess).  And to be honest, by the looks of their demographics – they want to keep their activities to themselves.


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