It was 10 p.m. and Jon was bored, so he made the decision to party at the place he worked.  Not only would he get a discount on a few libations but he could drink with some of the patrons that he served and who he liked.

It took him no time to get ready, grab his keys, lock the door and head off to the bar. He only lived three blocks away from his gig which was convenient. He always wanted a job that was nearby because he hated driving his car. He disliked being on the road with people who paid more attention to their mobile devices than on the road. It was one of the only things that truly frightened him.

Jon entered the venue ready to have a great night and it started out great as the patrons that he usually served were buying him rounds and shots. He even flirted with a couple of girls he always wanted to with, but didn’t have the time because he was always busy and staying focused on his task as a manager. Tonight, was turning out to be perfect and he was congratulating himself on his decision to let loose.

While enjoying a cocktail and immersed in conversation something turned his attention to the front door and what he saw was going to make this night even more memorable.  Did he just see the character that he idolized as a boy for his style, his flare and the way he got all the ladies. Could it be real, did SHAFT - Richard Roundtree to be exact- just walk into his bar?

Jon didn’t hesitate to find out and walked up quickly to introduce himself, "Mr. Roundtree, I’m the manager of this establishment and if there is anything you need don’t hesitate.”

Mr. Roundtree responded by saying, “Well, I’m doing a play in town and am trying to keep a low-profile so if you can find me a nice quiet spot that would be great.”

"Anything you say," replied Jon.

He immediately found Mr. Roundtree a quiet booth and asked if he wanted something to drink.

"Johnnie Walker neat with a water back.”

Coming right up.”

He was so excited, that he went behind the bar and made the drink himself because he wanted to get the order just right. Jon made it back to the booth to personally give Mr. Roundtree his order and said, “This one is on the house.”

Mr. Roundtree replied, “Thank you so much. Cheers!” and he raised his glass towards Jon. In his pure joy of having Shaft toast to him, Jon yelled, “I CAN’T BELIEVE SHAFT IS IN THE MUTHERFUCKING HOUSE!!!

The crowd immediately turned in Jon’s direction and Shaft was sitting there exposed, his need for privacy ruined.  Mr. Roundtree gave him a look that his character would give when he was about to whip someone’s ass. Jon knew he was about to get it. Instead Mr. Roundtree asked, “Where is your rear exit?”  Jon pointed toward it and Mr. Roundtree proceeded to get out of the booth, stared down Jon, and walked away shaking his head in disapproval.

Jon pleaded, “I’m sorry. I’M SORRY.”  

What else could he say to his childhood hero, this man he idolized. The night was ruined for him. He went back to the bar, paid his tab, said “Goodnight” and walked back to his apartment that was only three blocks away.


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