Sake Mojito

  • 2 oz. Sake (dry)
  • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 tsp simple syrup
  • 5-7 Fresh Mint Leaves

The fusion of Japanese and Caribbean sensibilities in this cocktail is a delight to all the senses and makes you wonder how these two disparate flavors found each other.  The Mojito is as Cuban as the cigar and according to some historians this cocktail can be traced to the West African word ‘mojo’ which means a ‘little magic’.  While there is some contention about its origin and whether it was created by indigenous Indians as a cure for scurvy or as an elixir created by the African slaves, what is clear is that it was believed to have medicinal and thus magical properties.

On the other hand, Sake is the Japanese tradition of making wine from rice by taking it through a natural fermentation process.  Much was unknown about the painstaking rice polishing and fermentation preparation that goes behind this 2000 year tradition until Director Erik Shirai’s recent award winning and spell binding documentary The Birth of Sake.   In this film we get to see the passion and the sacrifices that go into creating an artisanal and unique beverage.  

The Sake Mojito merges two proud cultures and is a testament to the magic that happens when cultures and flavors collide either accidentally or willfully.