Run Mary, Run!!


It was a lazy, beautiful, sunny afternoon when Mary decided to run some errands. This was one of the rare times Mary had to herself since she had to work extra shifts at the bar to cover rent for both herself and her roommate who recently became redundant. Mary wasn’t the kind of person to kick someone when they're down and was always willing to help someone in need and besides, her roommate’s name was on the lease.

As Mary made her way downstairs and onto the front stoop, she thought to herself that this is a beautiful day. As she was walking a short man aggressively brushed against her and Mary said,

Hey, you better watch where you’re going.”

The short man turned around and said, “What did you say?

You heard exactly what I said.”

Mary then turned around thinking that the altercation was over, instead she heard the short man’s voice in the distance saying,

Hey, you better check that bitch. Go on and check that bitch for me.”

Mary turned around and saw that the short man was pointing in her direction. She also heard a noise that sounded like the rustling of chain links coming from his direction. All of a sudden, a woman with a tattooed covered shaved head, dressed in a white tank top, blue jean cut-offs, Doc Martens boots and a biker leather jacket who carried a chain link let loose a primal yell.

She pointed at Mary and said,

Is that the Bitch?”  The short man replied, “Yeah, that’s her.”

The tattooed covered shaved head woman began to jump up and down in a frenzy and then in a flash she began to run towards Mary waving the chain links in the air screaming, “I’m gonna kill you bitch!!”

Alarmed, Mary began to scream herself and started to bolt to get away from this deranged person. As Mary was running, she saw a hotel and ran to the lobby and dove behind the check-in desk and frantically asked for assistance from the person behind the counter to call the police because she was being threatened by a dangerous looking woman. The man behind the counter didn’t want to get involved and asked her to leave. Mary was shocked at the refusal but realized she had to spring into action when she once again heard the rustling of the chain links and the words,

I know that bitch is in here! I know that bitch is in here!”

The front desk personnel confronted the tattooed covered shaved head woman and asked her to leave the lobby but Mary knew that he would not be able to protect her.  Mary looked around and saw an exit sign and ran towards it, the door led her to an alley where she decided to use her cell phone to call the police.  When she rifled through her purse frantically she remembered that she’d left her cell phone on her bedside table. She felt nauseous, realizing she was on her own, knowing that the crazy girl would be lingering about. Mary had no choice, she edged cautiously along the alleyway to the street, peeked down the street in both directions.  When she couldn’t spot her assailant she boldly stepped out and walked casually to blend in. For a few moments she thought she was in the clear but once again heard an aggressive growl,

I see you bitch! You can’t run away from me!”

The chase was on again. She couldn’t believe the dogged pursuit by this crazy girl. As Mary was running, the thought ran through her mind that maybe she did something to deserve this, maybe it was karma. As she began to give up hope, she saw a bar that was open and dove in and told the patrons,

A crazy girl’s trying to attack me.”

What for?” a man asked.

I guess because I cursed out her boyfriend for bumping into me’.

This sounds more like her drug dealer or pimp”, another man went on to say.

Mary looked in the direction of the door, pointed and said, “Look she’s coming!

The bartender on duty came from behind the bar with a bat, looked at Mary and said,

“Don’t worry about a thing. Go on over to the bar and get yourself together and we’ll take care of her.”

She was relieved that someone in this world was willing to help.

Where’s that bitch?” exclaimed the crazy girl.

The bartender quickly met the crazy girl by the door and replied, “You better go on with that noise before I bust your head wide open”.

The crazy girl looked around and yelled, “She gotta come out here sooner or later!

The crazy girl moved away from the door but began to pace back and forth outside the bar - for four hours straight.

Mary and the patrons at the bar couldn’t believe that this girl wouldn’t relent in her pursuit. During that time period, patrons came by to hear her story, buy her a drink and to console her for going through such an ordeal.

A woman yelled, “Hey, I think that crazy girl gave up the ship!

The whole bar rejoiced and the bartender bought a round for all the customers who stood vigil.

The bartender offered to drive Mary to her apartment and she gratefully accepted knowing that the short man and the crazy girl maybe around her place. The bartender gave Mary his number and said to call him if she needed anything, even if it’s a place to stay. Mary took his number and agreed to give him a ring. The bartender dropped her off and saw that Mary made it safe inside her apartment. The next morning, Mary decided to take the bartender up on his offer and made plans to move that very day, knowing that she’ll feel safer out of that area and hopefully far away from the short man and his crazy girl.


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