Room Service


It was a typical slow Monday on a long summer evening at the hotel bar for Tommy. He knew that at this time of the year his regulars were on vacation but he knew that at the dusk of summer, his business would pick up again when vacations ended and football season started up again.

Tommy was a bar vet and knew what this time of year would be like and was prepared for it both financially and mentally. He was usually okay with waiting for odd requests but it was 9:30 pm and the book he was reading couldn’t hold his interest and so he impulsively decided to close the bar early. He called the front desk of the hotel to let them know that he was going to take off a little early but Carly, who was working at the front desk asked him to wait one more hour.

Tommy wasn’t expecting this request on the slowest day he had encountered and inquired, ‘Why?’ She told him that a film crew is staying at the hotel for a couple of days and their hotel’s General Manager just wanted everyone to stay on for an extra hour or so.

Tommy wasn’t happy when he heard the news but what’s he going to do?

He said, ‘Alright, I’ll stay, but after an hour I’m gone’.

Carly replied, ‘Fair enough.’

Tommy hung up the phone and returned to reading his latest New York Times bestseller with the muffled sounds of Sports Center playing in the background.

Fifteen minutes passed by before someone came down to the bar. The woman asked if this hotel had room service.

Tommy said, ‘Why yes, we do’.

The woman replied, ‘I tried to contact them but there seems to be no one around.’

‘I’ll get to the bottom of this ma’am’, said Tommy. He hastily called Carly at the front desk and asked, ‘Where are the room service staff’?

‘They left before the General Manager told everyone to stay’, Carly replied.

‘That’s typical.  Okay, I’ll see what I can do.’ Tommy hung up the phone and informed the woman that the room service staff had taken off. Suddenly, a sense of horror came on the woman’s face. This made Tommy anxious and asked, ‘What’s wrong’?

She replied ‘I’m Ms. Fawcett's assistant and she hadn’t had a chance to eat because of the shoot and she’s is very particular about what she eats so outside delivery is out of the question….’

‘I can help you out’, said Tommy. ‘I’m a bit particular about what I eat too so I can go back there in our kitchen and salvage something for you and Ms. Fawcett.’

With the look of relief, the woman jumped over the bar and gave Tommy a hug. ‘You just saved my ass’, she told Tommy.  

Before I save your ass, what’s your room number’?

Room 222

'I’ll be there in about fifteen to twenty minutes’.

Okay. Thanks again. See ya soon.’

The woman walked out the bar with a sense of accomplishment. However, the same can be said for Tommy as well, because he was going to meet his schoolboy crush. The girl he fell in love with on the television screen and the poster he had upon his bedroom wall as a teenager, the only Charlie’s Angel he wanted - Farrah Fawcett.

Tommy called the front desk and told them he was to going make a room service run and that he will not be in the bar area for about 20 twenty minutes.  He quickly made his way back to the kitchen area where he prepared two turkey sandwiches (with lettuce,tomato and mayo and mustard on the side), a vegetable and fruit platter and procured four bottles of water. Tommy patted himself on the back for the spread that he’d laid out. He just knew that his adolescent crush was going to be pleased.

He made his way to the designated spot and knocked on the door. Ms. Fawcett’s assistant opened the door.

Here’s your food’, as he handed the tray to the assistant.

Who’s at the door’? A faint voice in the background exclaimed.

It’s the bartender that hooked us up with room service.’

Tell him to come in', the faint voice instructed the assistant.

‘Okay.’ She waved Tommy to come in and stand by the door.

He looked around the room and saw bags and clothes everywhere, reminding him of his college dorm room.

All of a sudden he looked up and there she was, with a white towel wrapped around her head and a white t-shirt clinging to her damp body. In Tommy’s mind, this is the image that he dreamt about. It took every fiber in his body not to act star struck.

She walked towards him and grabbed his hand and said, ‘I want to personally thank you for preparing our meal.’

No worries, it was my pleasure.’

I’d like to offer you a token of my appreciation’. The assistant handed Ms. Fawcett a hundred dollar bill. She placed it in Tommy’s hand and said, ‘You take this for your troubles’.

I can’t accept that from you Ms. Fawcett. It was my pleasure to help you out.’ Tommy gave the money back to her.

She looked at Tommy and gave him a kiss on the side of his cheek and then smiled at him.

Tommy almost dissolved and wanted to fall into her embrace but he kept his composure and smiled back and told them to enjoy the rest of their evening as he made a quick exit from the room.

He made it back to the bar and was thrilled over his brief encounter with Ms. Fawcett. Tommy then realized that she would be staying at the hotel for awhile. Maybe, just maybe, she would come down to the bar to enjoy a cocktail or two and to chat. If only to hear her voice and gaze at her smile. This was going to be a great summer after all!


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