Remembering Bill Cunningham

August, 2016

Bill Cunningham was a Fashion/ New York socialite photographer for The New York Times. Fashion editors and designers from all over the world viewed Mr. Cunningham’s weekly photo editorial “On the Street”.  He had a pulse of what would be the next big thing in fashion by simply taking pictures and noticing what everyday people were wearing. Being a former Milliner himself- Mr. Cunningham had been in the fashion world since the 1950’s and had a natural instinct about what worked and what didn't.

Mr. Cunningham never craved fame or fortune and just wanted to carry on and do his job without being dictated by anyone. He loved fashion and the people he encountered. By being true to himself and the work he was doing, many honors were bestowed on him which he was mostly dismissimve of and wore humility like a couture suit.

We will miss Mr. Cunningham’s photo editorials because it was a Sunday morning ritual. He had a way of making fashion relatable to the masses and distinguishing what was fashion and what was the theater of fashion.  We love the way that he didn’t care about the presence of celebrities at the numerous fashion shows - he was there for the love of fashion and giving an honest critique of a fashion designer(s) work and show. He was a truth teller and a man with a keen eye and that keen eye of his was hardly ever wrong because he kept them “On the Street.”


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