Photo Essay

A Big Easy Romance

It's not exactly clear when New Orleans began to be known as the ‘Paris of the South’, but there is no doubt that the romanticism captured by the writer Lafcadio Hearn played a dominant role.  

This Is A Raid!

The period 1920 - 1933 was known as the ‘Prohibition Era’ or the 'Jazz Age'. In 1920, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed stating that the sale, production and distribution of alcohol was prohibited.

Outdoor Music Festivals

Around the country and the world, there are some great natural spaces to listen to music.

The Global Appeal of Jazz

In New Orleans, there’s always great music to listen to, especially Jazz music.

Its Carnival Time

Mardi Gras or Carnival is celebrated a few different ways in catholic communities around the globe but what is common in all these celebrations is the pageantry, tradition and creativity on display.  New Orleans, LA.

Kobe Luminarie Festival

In Japan, the city of Kobe is famous for its beef, but did you know that this city also has a world renowned festival called the ‘Kobe Luminarie’ (light festival)?

Zen Gardens in Urban Spaces

Zen Gardens were developed to aid in the meditation process. The garden’s main function is to find serenity away from the crowds and thus allow the mind to reflect on the meaning of life.

Scouting Locations Revisited

Since the beginning of Hollywood, many filmmakers used the city of New Orleans as their muse.  From the history, to the unique culture and food - ‘The Crescent City’ seems to be a catalyst for stories that bring a mystical quality to any film production that is done in or around this city.

A Night At The Opera

On May 19th through the 21st, OperaCreole performed Lucien Lambert’s 'La Flamenca' for the very first time in the United States.

The Year in Pictures

Our first year as Bacchus Tales & Co. was exciting as we moved from cocktail culture to a broader range of stories that celebrated diversity.  We believed these topics were worth sharing as they revealed that even through uncertainty that the human spirit is resilient.