Old Absinthe House


Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House (known to locals as Absinthe House) is located in the historical French Quarter district in New Orleans, LA.  For over 200 years, this landmark is known as one of the oldest watering holes in the United States.  This is also the place where General Andrew Jackson (later to become the 7th President of the United States) met with the infamous Gulf of Mexico pirate Jean Lafitte. It’s said that Jackson met with Lafitte on the second floor of this establishment and agreed to the pirate’s lofty demands to assist in defeating the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. This battle became the launching pad to Mr. Jackson’s political career.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is quaint and intimate.  As you peruse the venue, you will notice an array of business cards all over the walls of travelers who wandered in.  Sports jerseys and old school placards advertising their specialty drinks are peppered around the walls.  Above, from the exposed cypress beams, hang a random assortment of throwback football helmets of professional and college teams.

Customer Service

The service was exceptional. The bartenders knew when to engage with the clientele and when to let them soak in the atmosphere.  While there, be sure to order the delicious and refreshing Absinthe Frappe’ (one of their signature cocktails).

The Clientele

The clientele is made up of mixture of locals who work or live nearby as well as tourists.  For all the merriment of Bourbon Street it was surprising that everyone seemed to be mellow and tranquil, enjoying a tasty cocktail on one of those Louisiana afternoons.

The Old Absinthe House's motto is,” Everyone you have known or ever will know, eventually ends up at the Old Absinthe House.” In a sense this motto is correct. If you have an interest in history, a desire for enjoying a traditional New Orleans cocktail and a sense of taking it easy for a short while, then you will, eventually arrive at the Old Absinthe House.


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