Mickalene Thomas - Baring Her Soul

The Artist's Interpretation Of An Old Masterpiece

Interpretation Of An Old Masterpiece (Manet's Olympia vs Thomas' Tamika)

March, 2017

A unique visual art exhibition of New York based artist Mickalene Thomas is taking place at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane (Jan 18-April 9, 2017). The name of this exhibition is entitled ‘Waiting on a Prime-Time Star’, which includes 40 pieces of installations, paintings, sculptures and films. The subjects Ms.Thomas tackles are that of race, feminism, sexuality, beauty, love, death and new interpretations of old masterpieces.

Ms. Thomas’ use of rhinestone,acrylic and enamel gives her artwork a depth and texture that she is known for as she draws the voyeur(s) closer to delve into the meaning of each piece. It’s clear that she draws her inspiration from her own life; pop culture and western art history. However, what makes this exhibition so revealing is how much of her life she’s willing to share with the audience; how she’s unbounded in how she feels about life and her place in the world. Beyond the vibrant colors and texture of her piece is an artist who is honoring her family, her community, her gender and her sexuality.

If you have some free time or looking to do something different in New Orleans, you will be enlightened and thrilled by the work of this truly prolific, award winning and accomplished artist because she appears to be on the road to greatness.

Notable Works of Mickalene Thomas:

Michelle O (2008)

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman (2014)  HBO Documentary