Life - Feature Stories

St Maurice Church, New Orleans LA

The Legend of St Maurice Lives in New Orleans

St. Maurice’s story about race, politics, loyalty, courage and faith is much like the overall story of New Orleans.
The New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center
On The Couch - Freud & Popcorn
Films are like the screens inside our heads onto which we project our desires and our fears.
Kyle Dupont of Brewstock, New Orleans LA
Fermenting Happiness
If Bacchus is the god of fermentation then Kyle DuPont is one of his disciples spreading the gospel of home brewing
Defining the Soul of New Orleans
Given its erstwhile European dominion, New Orleans is an atypical American city
Debbie Huntsman and LPWSA member hoisting flag
The Freedom To Sail With LPWSA
This group hopes to encourage and support the next generation of female sailors by educating them about the joy and responsibility that comes with sailing
Ms Xiong preparing traditional chinese herbs
The Yin and Yang of Complementary Medicine
Your preference for a particular health remedy could be shaped by your cultural upbringing.
Tuning In-The Mission of WRBH Radio
New Orleans is a city of many historical ‘firsts’ and can proudly add WRBH as the only radio station in America that programs content for the blind and print handicapped.
Zack Smith in his studio
Zack Smith - Portrait Of A Lensman
He is ready to branch out his knowledge to the next generation of photographers and visual storytellers
A Search For The Past
Time and maturity has changed my perspective about tracing my family lineage.
Urban Farming - Good for the Environment, our Health and our Community
There are some local farmers and cooperatives that are changing the method of consumption and favoring organic traditional methods
Jessica Strahan - New Orleans Artist
The Soul of Piety Street
Jessica ‘J-Hand’ Strahan is telling the story of the 9th Ward; New Orleans; Africa and all parts in between.
OperaCreole taking a bow at the end of La Flamenca
Community Support Brings History To Life
It was a proud moment for all who supported this grassroots project and a sense of pride that collectively we can accomplish so much.
For the Love of Opera: The Story behind OperaCreole
Creole participation in Opera and other musical offerings coming from Africa, Haiti and Spain at that time, gave rise to the birth of Jazz