The motto of Jillian’s -“Your fun is our business” and I can truly say that those words ring true every time I go to this establishment.  Located in the heart of SOMA (South of Market) Jillian’s is conveniently placed near movie theaters, shopping outlets and the Moscone Convention Center. Unlike other sports bars this place has an openness about it instead of the usual claustrophobic feeling associated with a sports themed restaurant/bar. Great service, good company and relaxing atmosphere is the hallmark of what Jillian’s tries to provide to each customer.

The Atmosphere

Stepping into the establishment may create an impression of an intimate brewery or pub, but the further you enter, the space opens up and reveals an impressive restaurant/bar with huge projection screens to view every sporting event. The bar is oblong and stretches from one end of the restaurant to the other. 

Delve a little further and at the end of the bar on the right hand side is the billiard room with a tasteful and inviting interior. This area would be ideal if one was to go on a first date, catching up with friends or colleagues or perfect for just hanging out after watching a movie. 

Customer Service

The customer service in this place was second to none. Our bartender Josh was entertaining and engaging; along with making awesome cocktails- he set the mood for a memorable experience.

The Clientele

The clientele is usually made up of young business professionals during the week trying to blow off a little stream and catch a sporting event. However, most of the time they’re in the billiard room trying to build up team chemistry while having a few drinks and shooting pool.  On the weekends, the clientele is made up of groups going to the bar/restaurant to watch their favorite team play or a couple on their way or back from a movie.

Jillian’s is a place where one can come to watch sporting events, play pool or just come to relax and enjoy drinks. From the intimate setting of the front bar and the spacious main bar to the billiard room- this place has a little bit for everyone.

Key Lime Martini
Pool Room

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