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February, 2017

Mardi Gras or Carnival is celebrated a few different ways in catholic communities around the globe but what is common in all these celebrations is the pageantry, tradition and creativity on display.  New Orleans, LA. celebrates this carnival spirit every year in ways that can provoke laughter, smiles or debate.  The laughter can be at the satiric words displayed on the floats, the smiles at the youth participation and debate can ensue around politically themed floats aimed at either side of the political fence.  Some of these unique displays of tradition and self-expression are displayed in the photo gallery and listed below:

The presence of modern day 'Buffalo Soldiers', in the parades, keeps alive the memory and tradition of the black cavalry soldiers, who comprised of freed slaves that joined the U.S. Ninth Cavalry Regiment in 1866.

If you happen to live on or near the parade route then the pulsating booms of the drums from the  marching bands will signal the start of the revelry.  These marching bands of young school kids are the heart of the parade and provide entertainment between the floats and sustain your energy levels.

One of the most popular parade, Muses - an all female krewe with a signature throw (a stiletto) features the Lady Godiva’s who ride on horses in a naked suit and long haired wigs.

The tradition of Flambeaux harkens back to a time when people carried flame torches to light the parade route, and although used sparingly, it is an honored tradition as people still offer monetary tips to the flambeaux performers.

It is this unique blend of tradition, history and self-expression that beckons you towards the streets to join in and appreciate the creativity and energy of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


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