Holiday Songs by Louisiana Artists

December, 2016

The Holiday Season is celebrated a little differently in Louisiana, specially in South Louisiana. Maybe because the temperatures are usually cool and mild around this time of year, not like the rest of the country, when ‘Jack Frost is nipping at your nose’.

Creole and Cajun culture here brings a unique spin on Christmas traditions. For example, Santa Claus is referred to as Papa Noel who rides his tiny 8 alligators to deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls. Also, here we refer to the early part of December as ‘Creole Christmas’ - catch my drift.

Apart from putting a twist on the traditional Christmas fables, decorations and celebrations, Christmas music is not immune to the Louisiana treatment. Christmas music that is produced by Louisiana artists is not your usual Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby's version of songs that you may hear over and over again this time of the year.  The songs below are sung by musicians that display flare and honesty that can only come from living in this part of the country. Personally, these songs invoke memories and are reminiscent of good times - no, great times.

If you want to hear a unique take on holiday classics, we have the perfect remedy. Here’s a list of our favorites from Louisiana artists, which we hope gives you a glimpse of how we celebrate this festive season:

  1. The 12 Drinks of ChristmasFrankie Ford
  2. Twas the Night Before ChristmasHuey ‘Piano’ Smith & His Clowns
  3. Christmas Time Is HereIrvin Mayfield
  4. Louisiana Christmas DayAaron Neville
  5. Blue ChristmasFats Domino
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