Mesculn Salad

I’ve been wanting to grow salad for a while and took the leap of faith October 2016 when for the first time I planted Mesclun - Spicy Mix. After some research I decided to use compost soil so it could withstand the cold snap and reduce my need to water it regularly.  I saved my vegetable and fruit scraps and mixed it into some soil along with egg shells and ink-free brown paper bags.  

Agrotopia in Gert Town, New Orleans LA

The motto of Agrowtopia is a quote by the playwright William Shakespeare that says, Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners. This quote embodies the dream and mission of what this non-profit urban farm is trying to do.

The Origin

Marigold seeds

Flowers can invoke nostalgia in a most delightful way and it's not surprising that they are often associated with personal memories.  My love for Marigold is based on this sense of nostalgia that revives a childhood that was surrounded by this flower’s vibrant color and smell.  I didn’t always have the desire to garden or even realize that when the gardening bug would get me, that I would subliminally turn to the Marigold.

Chere Bear in the Garden

Tips to get you started for September gardening season in Louisiana.

Resources for Beginner Gardeners (South)

Garden centric resources to start your garden and keep your plants thriving

LSU AgCenter

Grumpy Gardener

The Old Farmers Almanac

White Flower Farm