Dos Jefes


Dos Jefes is a Cigar/Jazz bar located in the Uptown area in New Orleans, LA.  Nestled behind over-grown palm trees in a faintly marked location, this place is a neighborhood bar for locals and the people who happened to hear about this hidden gem. Dos Jefes is truly old school – a rare treat for people who want to listen to homegrown talent while enjoying a great cigar and a tasty libation.

The Atmosphere

Dos Jefes is reminiscent of an old Caribbean haunt, the kind that one might see Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in, gazing into each other’s eyes while sipping on a cocktail and taking a drag of their cigar while listening to a great Jazz band performing an original composition. It can be a truly intimate setting for the romantic at heart.

Customer Service

The customer service is courteous and quick.  The staff works well with one another to keep the patrons happy. Our bartender Kristina really set the mood with her friendly demeanor and her cocktail prowess.

The Clientele

The clientele is like the city of New Orleans, all walks of life mingling together. From your blue collar worker to your white collar worker, all are welcome if they’re here to enjoy themselves.

Dos Jefes is one of those places that you’re glad you found. Some nights are busier than others but even at their busiest, it still retains its intimate feel and respect for the local artist who come through their doors. That’s a combination that is rare to find.

Sipping on a very dry martini and the cigar smoke bellowing up above my head, listening to a jazz band on the come up, it was clear that I was in my happy space. Feeling like Bogart, sitting next to Bacall. Bliss!


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