Cutting the Cord

August, 2016

I recently became part of the cable free revolution because my cable provider reneged on a 2 year agreement and within a year increased my bill by more than a $100.  After ongoing issues with this company, this was the final straw.  Unable to reason with them I cut the cable cord and kept my high speed internet.  By using new alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other apps I save money and have the satisfaction of not being beholden to a cable provider that can raise prices unscrupulously.

How to Cut the Cord

Cutting the cord is easier than you think, but does require some research and additional equipment.  Some of the essentials include - high speed internet connection; laptop or Smart TV, and Apps (streaming services) that you can download or stream from a device (e.g. FireStick).  Here are a few tips you need to follow:

  • Check your contractual obligation with your cable provider before making a decision
  • & are the best source for providing options and details 

Downside to Cutting the Cord

Cutting the cord is easy if you enjoy movies and television shows but for the average sports fan it can be difficult, especially if you are an NFL fan. This year, however, DirecTV will start offering NFL Sunday Ticket over the internet starting at $49.99 for 4 months. Game Rewind is another option which allows you to watch the game on the web or an app.

Another drawback is blackout restrictions which depends on the area you live in or are offered as exclusive deals with local broadcasting stations. So the service you paid for may not stream.


With the recent favorable decision of Net Neutrality (making the internet a utility and not a luxury) consumers will enjoy high speed connection at a lower price. This ensures that people will have the option of staying with their cable company or venturing out and selecting the programs they enjoy.  The choice is yours.

*UPDATE - 9/9/2016

For sports lovers, the app SlingTV is a perfect solution as they have just recently added Universal Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN, FoxSports and the NFL network.  The only caveat is that the package structure can be a little tricky, you may have to forego some channels - depending on the package you pick.  I chose the Orange and Blue (plus the sporting option) which gives me the list mentioned above and costs around $50 per month.  However, this package does not include CBS sports or NBC Sunday Night Football (as of when this update was written).


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