August Wilson

Top 5 : The Plays of August Wilson

Mr. Wilson’s plays invoke a time and era that are familiar and universal.
Sailing Boats at Lake Pontchartrain

Promising Skies

What they heard was a powerful representation of the love, the pain and the hope they experienced
Ms Shae Thomas and her products

The Passionate Alchemist

I was drawn to a sign that read ‘Shae Shea’ and was excited to find skin products that were both natural and local


Dave Brubeck playing piano

All Night Long

The Jazz scene, the musicians and the East End of London were the backdrop for this reimagined version of a Shakespearean classic.

Jazz - America's Music

There are many musical art forms but Jazz is quintessentially American
Mary Lou Williams - between 1938 and 1948

The Little Piano Girl Of East Liberty

A Jazz great who overcame racial and gender inequality and her contribution should be heralded, noted and admired.
La Flamenca by Creole Composer Lucien-Leon Lambert

The Forgotten Story of Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert

First classical composer of African descent who came to be known as the creator of Creole romantic music

Holiday Songs by Louisiana Artists

The Creole and Cajun culture brings a unique spin on Christmas traditions.
Buckwheat Zydeco at Festival International de Louisiane, Lafayette LA

Remembering Buckwheat Zydeco at El Sido's

Cars were lined up for miles around and people lined up toe-to-toe, admiring the hometown boy ‘who done good’.


Former Boarding House of F. Scott Fritzgerald

The Curious Case of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The city of New Orleans in some small way helped shape Mr. Fitzgerald’s views in a time where contradictions were the norm


The Fabu Flappers

There was an augur of change in the air and women played a momentous role in all aspects

Fashion Dethroned

What made this fashion show different and historical was a combination of things both political and creative, even if it was serendipitous.

A Yarn For Nature

From big fashion houses like Prada and Gucci to smaller fashion designers, there are some in the fashion industry that are trying to make their label more green conscious.
Dress For Success, New Orleans LA

The Second Life Collection

Dressing for an interview may not feel like dressing for a performance but you are in essence trying to win over your audience
Bill Cunningham on Bike

Remembering Bill Cunningham

In memoriam of a fashion icon

Fast Fashion - Made in ______

Through my own experience and by watching these films I know that the fight for fair wages and safe working conditions is not new


Movie memrobillia at Columns Hotel

Top 5 - Louis Malle Films

Malle co-wrote the screenplay about a prostitute and her daughter living in Storyville
Top (L to R) Fritz Lang, Guru Dutt, Bottom (L to R) David Lean, Basil Dearden, Samuel Fuller

The Masters

I wanted to see how different filmmakers from around the world explored our collective human experience.

Still Grinding

Black Sheep Cinema is - “Making kickass, grindhouse movies”

Lust for Life

In this film, Vincent van Gogh finally received the validation that he was seeking all of his short, tragic life

Top 5: Films of Ingmar Bergman

His subjects were poignant to the human experience which made his films masterpieces


Lovely Six Foota 2007

Mickalene Thomas - Baring Her Soul

An artist who is honoring her family, her community, her gender and her sexuality