Breakfast With Tiffany

February, 2017

Every sport that is professionally played in North America, ends with a trophy presentation ceremony for the winning team and their organization for a successful and rewarding season. Usually, in these ceremonies, the team’s Commissioner first presents the trophy to the owner, which then does its rounds with the head coach, the players and staff members, allowing everyone to bask in the glory of a victory finally won.  These trophies, that are so coveted and revered in the NFL; NBA and MLB are made by the renowned jewelers - Tiffany & Company.


This jewelry company’s first commission to make trophies came in 1860, when they were assigned to make a trophy for a horse racing event called ‘The Preakness Stake’. They called the symbol of victory the ‘Woodlawn Vase’.

Over the ensuing years, the company parlayed this success for a number of trophies for different types of sporting events.  However, in 1967, Tiffany & Company was tasked to create the most enduring symbol in professional sports - The Vince Lombardi Trophy - for the winner of the Super Bowl. This design set the company apart from everyone else as the trophy was simple, elegant and made a strong statement.

After this success, other sports leagues sought out Tiffany & Company to create enduring symbols for their sport leagues as well. To date, this company produces most of the trophies in the United States for professional sports.

The Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy; The Larry O’Brien Trophy and The World Series Trophy are synonymous with success and athletic achievement.  Perhaps it’s fitting that they commissioned Tiffany & Company to create a lasting symbol that will draw adulation.

I Slept with 'Tiffany'

In 2009, the New Orleans Saints brought back an NFL Championship to the city and New Orleans too is proud to own a piece of Tiffany & Company’s craftsmanship. Head coaches who are privileged to receive the trophy call this inanimate object “Tiffany”.  Head coach Sean Payton jokes that he “slept with ‘Tiffany’ and "Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach) called and reminded me that he slept with 'Tiffany' the year before..."  I guess Saints fans have to wait till next year to get our chance to sleep with her again.

As an avid sports fan, I would never have guessed that a jewelry company would be behind this immortal symbol of victory given to a professional sports team. So, fellow sports fans, when you are next persuaded to watch the movie ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, just realize that this movie is an ode to the company that brought you the Super bowl trophy-and maybe like 'Holly Golightly' you too can dream about how your team can claim a trophy or two.


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