Bar Tales - Short Fictional Stories Set in Bars

Room Service

It was a typical slow Monday on a long summer evening at the hotel bar for Tommy. He knew that at this time of the year his regulars were on vacation but he knew that at the dusk of summer, his business would pick up again when vacations ended and football season started up again.

The Russian Social Club

Robert was invited to his colleague’s parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Now usually Robert would make up any excuse not to attend one of these events but this was different- it was for Gregory. Gregory and Robert started working for their law firm at the same time and quickly hit it off.

3 Degrees Of Separation

The street car came to an abrupt stop.

Daddy Issues

Sahar's voice sounded anxious over the phone - "Aditi, I need to see you at the Chambers Bar today if you are not busy.  Eva's already on her way, can you make it too?"  I was usually unruffled by requests by friends but found an anxiety in her voice that made me a little nervous.

'Twas The Night

Ken was working at the bar when his co-worker Jill walked towards him with a sense of urgency. He knew that when she came to the bar on her day off, it was either about switching days, or to borrow money until the next payday. He was preparing for the bullshit that was sure to come.


It was a typical day for Andre who came in early to open the bar. He went about the mundane task of tidying up before assuming his usual corner position by the cash register.  His day was about to become interesting when he spotted his friend Will coming through the door.

Run Mary, Run!!

It was a lazy, beautiful, sunny afternoon when Mary decided to run some errands.


It was 10 p.m. and Jon was bored, so he made the decision to party at the place he worked.  Not only would he get a discount on a few libations but he could drink with some of the patrons that he served and who he liked.

4 AM

It was 4 o’clock in the morning in a speakeasy bar when Charlie made the decision to go with a working girl back to her residence.  He knew it was wrong but he was drunk and in a horny state.

Drinks by Spirit

Bars by City