Absinthe Frappe’

  • 2 oz   Absinthe or Absinthe substitute
  • 1 tsp  Simple Syrup
  • 2 oz   Chilled Seltzer, Sparkling or Tonic Water
Put simple syrup and absinthe in a cold small highball glass over ice. Then slowly add seltzer,sparkling or tonic over ingredients while frappeing with bar spoon. Continue stirring until the glass is ice cold.

Absinthe involves 3 main ingredients - which are wormwood, green anise and fennel.  These botanicals, referred to as the 'holy trinity', are known for their ability to aid in digestion.

Absinthe Frappe' was created at the Old Absinthe House bar in 1874 (New Orleans, LA.) by the bartender Cayetano Ferrer. If the first cocktail ever created was the Sazerac (that contains Absinthe) then the Absinthe Frappe’ is not far behind in sharing that esteemed history.

This libation can be easily prepared for sipping on a cold night or a lazy summer afternoon. One taste and you would agree that a couple of these licorice flavored cocktails will make you want to chase the green fairy.