Ms Xiong preparing traditional chinese herbs

The Yin and Yang of Complementary Medicine

Your preference for a particular health remedy could be shaped by your cultural upbringing.
Dave Brubeck playing piano

All Night Long

The Jazz scene, the musicians and the East End of London were the backdrop for this reimagined version of a Shakespearean classic.
Former Boarding House of F. Scott Fritzgerald

The Curious Case of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The city of New Orleans in some small way helped shape Mr. Fitzgerald’s views in a time where contradictions were the norm

The Fabu Flappers

There was an augur of change in the air and women played a momentous role in all aspects
John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Long Overdue
The two knew there was a price to pay for their act of civil disobedience but never imagined it would be this severe.
The Environmentally Green Stadium: Vision vs. Reality
Despite the oversight, Levi’s Stadium has set the precedent that the Sports industry can play a part in our efforts towards sustainability
Sade Concert, Oakland CA 2011
Stage Technology
With technology at the helm of stage productions, there are even newer techniques and boundaries being pushed
Stretch Now? Ok or Cancel
Sharp pain mercilessly reminds me that I have been neglecting it the kind of self-care that only I can deliver

Scouting Locations Revisited

Since the beginning of Hollywood, many filmmakers used the city of New Orleans as their muse.  From the history, to the unique culture and food - ‘The Crescent City’ seems to be a catalyst for stories that bring a mystical quality to any film production that is done in or around this city.