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Films are like the screens inside our heads onto which we project our desires and our fears.
August Wilson

Top 5 : The Plays of August Wilson

Mr. Wilson’s plays invoke a time and era that are familiar and universal.
Sailing Boats at Lake Pontchartrain

Promising Skies

What they heard was a powerful representation of the love, the pain and the hope they experienced
Ms Shae Thomas and her products

The Passionate Alchemist

I was drawn to a sign that read ‘Shae Shea’ and was excited to find skin products that were both natural and local
Policeman standing alongside wrecked car and cases of moonshine (Library of Congress, 1922)
Moonshine Runners
The need for speed came out of necessity and the need to keep bellies full and stay one step ahead of the law
John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Long Overdue
The two knew there was a price to pay for their act of civil disobedience but never imagined it would be this severe.
Sade Concert, Oakland CA 2011
Stage Technology
With technology at the helm of stage productions, there are even newer techniques and boundaries being pushed
Stretch Now? Ok or Cancel
Sharp pain mercilessly reminds me that I have been neglecting it the kind of self-care that only I can deliver

A Big Easy Romance

It's not exactly clear when New Orleans began to be known as the ‘Paris of the South’, but there is no doubt that the romanticism captured by the writer Lafcadio Hearn played a dominant role.