Urban Farming - Good for the Environment, our Health and our Community

There are some local farmers and cooperatives that are changing the method of consumption and favoring organic traditional methods
Mary Lou Williams - between 1938 and 1948

The Little Piano Girl Of East Liberty

A Jazz great who overcame racial and gender inequality and her contribution should be heralded, noted and admired.

Lust for Life

In this film, Vincent van Gogh finally received the validation that he was seeking all of his short, tragic life

A Yarn For Nature

From big fashion houses like Prada and Gucci to smaller fashion designers, there are some in the fashion industry that are trying to make their label more green conscious.
Embedded thumbnail for Sports Activism: Then and Now
Sports Activism: Then and Now
How are Athletes today standing up for social causes that they believe in, and is it of any consequence?
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The Environmentally Green Stadium: Vision vs. Reality
Despite the oversight, Levi’s Stadium has set the precedent that the Sports industry can play a part in our efforts towards sustainability
Stage Technology
With technology at the helm of stage productions, there are even newer techniques and boundaries being pushed
My Fair Digital Economy?
Can this romantic notion of training and learning a new skill be rewarded in our current competitive digital economy?

Zen Gardens in Urban Spaces

Zen Gardens were developed to aid in the meditation process. The garden’s main function is to find serenity away from the crowds and thus allow the mind to reflect on the meaning of life.

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