Debbie Huntsman and LPWSA member hoisting flag

The Freedom To Sail With LPWSA

This group hopes to encourage and support the next generation of female sailors by educating them about the joy and responsibility that comes with sailing
Mary Lou Williams - between 1938 and 1948

The Little Piano Girl Of East Liberty

A Jazz great who overcame racial and gender inequality and her contribution should be heralded, noted and admired.
Ms Shae Thomas and her products

The Passionate Alchemist

I was drawn to a sign that read ‘Shae Shea’ and was excited to find skin products that were both natural and local
Lovely Six Foota 2007

Mickalene Thomas - Baring Her Soul

An artist who is honoring her family, her community, her gender and her sexuality
The Bracket
Just like the Hunger Games but no one gets killed
Breakfast With Tiffany
Head coach Sean Payton jokes that he 'slept with ‘Tiffany’
You Code Girl!
Women may respond to a personal mentor or teacher who can sustain their interest in STEM
Technology For All
The importance of Net Neutrality and its long reaching benefits.

The Global Appeal of Jazz

In New Orleans, there’s always great music to listen to, especially Jazz music.