Kyle Dupont of Brewstock, New Orleans LA

Fermenting Happiness

If Bacchus is the god of fermentation then Kyle DuPont is one of his disciples spreading the gospel of home brewing
Former Boarding House of F. Scott Fritzgerald

The Curious Case of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The city of New Orleans in some small way helped shape Mr. Fitzgerald’s views in a time where contradictions were the norm

The Fabu Flappers

There was an augur of change in the air and women played a momentous role in all aspects

Jazz - America's Music

There are many musical art forms but Jazz is quintessentially American
Embedded thumbnail for The Environmentally Green Stadium: Vision vs. Reality
The Environmentally Green Stadium: Vision vs. Reality
Despite the oversight, Levi’s Stadium has set the precedent that the Sports industry can play a part in our efforts towards sustainability
Pain Relief: Marijuana and the NFL
There is a push for more natural alternatives to deal with the physical toll of playing in the NFL
Technology For All
The importance of Net Neutrality and its long reaching benefits.
Codebreaking During Prohibition
Without prior work on bootleggers’ code-breaking, progress in WWII cryptanalysis would have been far less successful

This Is A Raid!

The period 1920 - 1933 was known as the ‘Prohibition Era’ or the 'Jazz Age'. In 1920, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed stating that the sale, production and distribution of alcohol was prohibited.